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Integrated Healthy Nutrition from Granny Mila

Integrated Healthy Nutrition

Hooray! I am finally announcing my new Integrated MENU!

The daily diet includes 4 meals and a drink! Homemade, tasty and healthy food prepared only from healthy and fresh products! Without palm oil, without flavor enhancer. Only steamed, grilled, stewed and boiled dishes! It was developed together with a nutritionist in a balanced diet with the necessary content of proteins, fiber, vitamins and trace elements at the rate of 1600-1800 kcal per day.

FREE DELIVERY in the evening time convenient for you!


1 day 720 baht / day

6-13 days 650 baht / day + bonus for 150 baht once a week

14 days and above 570 baht / day + bonus for 300 baht once a week

Only this week, you can order a test menu for 1 day at a cost of 570 baht INSTEAD 720

Find out the terms of payment and delivery from the operator!

Order in the mobile phone and phone number +66627255142


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