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Do you know the story of the creation of your favorite summer soup? The exact history of the origin of okroshka is covered with dust, but there is a legend that it owes its appearance to barge haulers. Yes, by the way, with the painting by Repin! When they needed to replenish their energy, how did they cope? Of course, Russian dark kvass. Such brew is very nutritious! And by the kvass vobla - so they dried vobla in kvass and soaked, and over time began to add there and more vegetables. This is how okroshka appeared!

But in the 19th century, a great variety of okroshka appeared, it was prepared both on dark city kvass, on sour soup, on cabbage pickle, and on sour milk, and on kefir.

My dear, I know firsthand how, at times, in hot Thailand, I want something cold! And local Thai cuisine offers hot and spicy soups!

I would be glad to treat my homemade okroshka with delivery in Pattaya!

Taking care of you, Grandma Mila!

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