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My good, today my grandmother-historian will tell you where a marshmallow came to us.

The story says that even the great minds of mankind already knew the taste of this sweetness! He also supported himself before writing another work, Aristotle.

After each serious operation, Hippocrates restored physical and mental strength with the help of marshmallow. It's nice to think so, however, in the legend that marshmallows were invented in ancient Greece, there is much more beauty than truth.

In fact. Against the myth is the fact that Zephyr for the Greeks was the god of the strong wind. This wind often came with showers, and sometimes even turned into a storm. A little does not go well with the image of a soft, airy dessert. Modern same ideas about Zephyr as a warm caressing wind came to us from the Romans. Ironically, no one ever ascribed the creation of a delicacy of the same name to ancient Rome. The truth is that marshmallow is a phenomenon no less Slavic than borsch or, for example, pancakes. The closest ancestor of marshmallow is Russian pastila.

We can always order raspberry-passion fruit marshmallow in Pattaya from our grandmother.

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