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American scientists have made another discovery. According to their research, homemade food is tastier and healthier to shop because it is cooked with love! Here are my simple 5 rules, applying which you can be sure that every meal will give you and your loved ones Health, Good mood and positive energy:

Turn cooking and eating into a positive ritual. Do not try to touch cooking or sit at a table in a bad mood or quarrel! In my Kitchen, for example, music plays softly to create positive emotions — after all, the emotions from a person are transmitted to the food that he cooks!

Serve beautifully! Visually, the food should be beautiful! Take 5-10 minutes to decorate the table, decorate dishes, arrange appliances. Believe me, men and children will surely appreciate your care and a piece of soul that you invest in a beautifully designed family breakfast or dinner!

Choose the best, everything is simple here: if you cook yourself, of course, choose fresh, farm products, try not to freeze meat, fish and keep ready meals in the refrigerator for a long time. If you buy ready-made food, choose "live" food, cooked not flow, without the use of preservatives and chemistry.

Before you start your meal, stop for a second and thank God, life, today, or loved ones near you for this moment, for this food and just smile!

Just 15 minutes WITHOUT gadgets! We have a rule in our family for a long time - we are family at the table and we talk and listen to each other. This is the time when we feel like a meal and a joint meal unite us. No smart phone or tv!

Believe me, these seemingly clear and well-known rules for everyday reconciliation will really make food for your loved ones not just a set of CBDS, but also an energetically positive “medicine”!

In the photo our family Thai weekdays????

Taking care of you

Grandma Mila!