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I have long believed that what was intended becomes reality. But I began to notice that in Thailand dreams come true much faster! We remember that the easier and more positively a person lives, the less idealization, condemnation of others and discontent with the world, the more life indulges with gifts and the simpler dreams come true.

Apparently in Thailand there is a special energy, people are more positive (Land of Smiles after all) we are more positive because we personally have dreams and desires here that come true just with cosmic speed!

Less than six months from the birth of my dream to open my Kitchen, and, behold, I already do what I love!

Two weeks as I put in the texts for the designation of delivery a yellow motorcycle and every time I think that's pretty that I would be like that and two days ago a messenger with exactly the same motorbike was hired!

And indeed, every day is like a magic-full of pleasant events, wonderful people come to my team, excellent suppliers find me, the clients are the most wonderful, so much inspiration and new ideas!

Sincerely, I wish everyone to live in a positive and dream! Exactly exactly all our plans will very quickly come into your reality!

Taking care of you

Grandma Mila!