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I often hear that papaya does not particularly like the taste, but to many people resembles boiled carrots. But I highly recommend living and relaxing in Thailand to try it out anyway and remind you that it’s for us girls a simple and tasty helper in weight control and a wonderful beauty tool, because papaya for weight loss is very effective due to the presence of such exotic fruits in these exotic fruits. like papain and chymopapain. These enzymes contribute to the speedy cleansing of the digestive tract from toxins and toxins, normalize metabolism and improve the absorption of nutritional components of food in the intestine.

It is not by chance that physicians dubbed papain "the digestive treasure of nature."

Enough to eat a piece of 50g. after each meal, that would already feel the beneficial effect of papaya!

No less papaya skin care benefits: Cleansing; Detoxification; Anti-aging effect; Wrinkle smoothing; Removal of pigmentation and freckles; Acne treatment

Simple and Homemade cream from Pappaya.

Using a papaya face cream you can get a fairly quick visible effect: the cream nourishes, tightens pores, brightens pigmentation and supplies, acts on fading skin, stimulating all metabolic processes. Regular use allows you to gradually remove oxidants.


* 5 gr. papaya;

* 20 gr. coconut oil;

* 20 gr. yogurt or sour cream.

It's very simple: mix the crushed papaya pulp with butter and sour cream. Put in a cosmetic jar, store in the refrigerator for no more than a week. Apply 1-2 times a day.