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You can call me Baba Mila, like my granddaughters. I will be happy to be tasty and healthy to feed you with my homemade dishes prepared with love and care.

In my kitchen, everything is only from fresh, selected by me products, I never use chemistry or flavor enhancers, but all my 40 year old skill and effort! You can safely feed your children and eat themselves, even if you are on a diet!

You can always order frozen no more than 2 days ago meat and fish dishes, ready with the heat of goodies or pickles, salads, cakes, marshmallows and pies!

And if your holiday is expected, I will gladly take up setting the festive table for your guests, just please notify me earlier.

My assistant, Yulia, helps me to receive your orders, and my messengers help me deliver orders to you as quickly as possible.

Usually the delivery of my delicious Russian food in Pattaya takes about an hour and believe me, and my assistants and we are trying very hard to make everything tasty, fast and convenient for you!

Your Grandma Mila