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Rules of survival in Thailand!

PART 1. Poisoning, or rather how to avoid it. I decided to make a heading with cautionary tips so that nothing could spoil your vacation. Ok so simple tips on how not to earn poisoning:

- Wash hands always and everywhere, especially before meals

- Always have on hand disinfectant wipes or hand antiseptics

- Even after washing your hands, do not eat with your hands

- Never eat food bought at the markets or at the macaque yesterday, even if they kept the night in the refrigerator

- Brush your teeth using bottle water

- NEVER drink tap water, only from bottles

- If you drink from cans, then use a tube, otherwise you lick the dirty surface of the cans

- Do not eat what does not smell good! Some attribute an unpleasant odor to an unfamiliar dish, it’s dangerous, you risk eating something not fresh (although there are dishes with a smell in Thai cuisine, don’t risk it)

- Do not lean on spicy and unusual dishes for you, try new without fanaticism.

Surely, she missed something.

Wait for continuation