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My good, I will tell you today what kind of cereal I feed my granddaughters. I think many mothers living and coming to Thailand will be useful, because it is so important when your baby is full and healthy. I will say right away that I do not use instant instant cereals, because I think that still freshly cooked cereals give the kids more benefits.

Semolina and our favorite porridge for sale Food mart.

Oatmeal, there are a lot of kinds of them in Pattaya, I like the porridge of this particular brand HAHNE and more finely ground in the blue packaging. Sold in almost all supermarkets Macro, Tesco, Big C.

Corn porridge, I also buy Food mart.

Rice milk porridge with butter is also in our home menu.

Noodles - Web (milk soup). For him, you can break the thin spaghetti, as well as a cobweb in Tesco.

And of course, I always add berries to fruits, nuts, here in Thailand, expanse for this. Especially my homemade love additions to ripe mango porridge, banana and nuts.


Enjoy your meal and your kids!

Taking care of you, your grandma Mila.

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